For what concern research programs O.M.P.M. is active in the research & development field both troughs funded, self-funded research and a series of collaboration with Universities and Research Centers, in the Aerospace field.

O.M.P.M. collaborates closely with the University Of Naples “Federico II”, University of Salerno and the school of Astronautic Engineering of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

O.M.P.M. a presented a research paper at the 58th International Astronautic Congress organized by IAF/IAA regarding “THE DESIGN OF LARES: LASER RELATIVITY SATELLITE”, in collaboration with the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics –INFN (Rome-ITALY), the College of Aerospace Engineering (Rome-Italy), “Sapienza” University of Rome (Rome-ITALY), the University of Maryland (College Park MD-USA), the University of Texas (Austin TX-USA), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt MD-USA) & the US Naval Observatory (Washington DC –USA).

Moreover, O.M.P.M. was awarded the manufacturing of the Satellite LARES by Carlo Gavazzi.

A brief description of the activities developed by O.M.P.M.

Research funded:

in the period 2013-2015, O.M.P.M. has developed and will develop more than 40,000 hours of research in technologies for titanium and composite materials, in this matter, O.M.P.M. just started an experimental department for composite materials, separated from production activities, in able to realize research components, both manufactured with traditional technologies (prepreg), both with innovative technologies (liquid infusion, RTM, RTM light).

The main co-funded research programs, in which O.M.P.M. is involved, are:

  1. a) Research project “TITAFORM – Development of innovative processes for hot plastic forming of aircraft parts made of titanium alloy to achieve a low ratio Buy/Fly” financed by MIUR (Italian Ministry for Education, University, Research), under the PON 2013-2015 funds; in which O.M.P.M. develops NNS (nearer net shape) hot stretched formed extrusions.
  2. b) Research project “SCIA” financed by CAMPANIA Region, under the PON 2013-2015 funds; in which O.M.P.M. develops the nose wheel well pressure bulkhead in CFRP material for the new NGTP (New Generation Turboprop)
  1. c) Research project “FUSIMCO” “Hybrid Metal/Composite Fuselage Structures” financed by MIUR (Italian Ministry for Education, University, Research) (as subcontractor of Alenia Aermacchi); in which O.M.P.M. develops the FWD pressure bulkhead in CFRP material and it’s joints, for the new NGTP (New Generation Turboprop)
  2. d) Clean Sky Project – Olfit
  3. e) Clean Sky Project – Oltita
  4. f) Clean Sky Project – Mepafus

g) Clean Sky Project – Afpmet

  1. h) Clean Sky Project – Wibond
  2. j) Clean Sky Project – Fusinbul
  3. k) “TASCA” project:

O.M.P.M. benefits from financial incentives pursuant to Article 6 of the Decree of 1 June 2016, an assertion on Axis 1, Action 1.1.3. of the national ERDF 2014-2020 Operational Program, a value of the Fund for sustainable growth, for the realization of the research and development project called «TASCA – Innovative surface treatments of aeronautical interest or similar exempt from chromium for aluminum alloys».

 “TASCA” has the objective of developing processes for the surface treatment of aluminum alloys that do not use chromium or chromium, avoiding their worsening of environmental pollution and possible health problems for humans.

Other project routes are the reduction or cancellation of costs related to prevention in the field of environmental protection, operator safety, waste treatment and disposal; reduction of the total process time and containment of the energy cost, determined to reduce the working temperatures.

Self-funded Research:

O.M.P.M. develops about 8000 hours per year in internal research activities, aimed to increase the internal Know-How, among them we can mention, the study on the implementation of elongated components in CFRP with high productivity, the study for the construction of a structural health monitoring system based on optical fiber and the study for the realization of an electric rail vehicle for emergency operations.

O.M.P.M. is also developing some research activities in the automotive sector, in the field of body suspension, studying the possibility to manufacture arms, springs, and antiroll-bar in CFRP material (HexMc, prepreg, braiding with light RTM).

Collaborations with Universities and Research Institutes:

O.M.P.M. develops about 3000 hours per year, distributed between thesis work and mentorship, with the main Universities, including University of Naples Federico II, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Second University of Naples (SUN), University of Salerno, University of Lecce; from these activities derive a series of thesis, among them, “the redesign of the mobile coverage of the convention center in Oviedo” and “the study of fluid dynamics of a wind turbine average power of the new generation”, or participation to international conferences, such as the 63rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) IAC2012.

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