Machining Operations

OMPM, founded in the 1972, was born as a company specialized in the chip removal activities on metallic materials in the aerospace field. During the years the Company grew steadily, passing from 2 turning machines until the 140 mandrels for both milling and turning, now available in the facilities and supported by various departments such as grinding, rolling, deburring land dimensional control.

Milling of metallic and non-metallic materials represents the core of the machining processes and is performed on all the three sites of the Company. In the Center of Excellence for the Milling Process, provided with several milling machines of new generation, it is possible to manufacture parts up to 15 meters and characterized by great geometrical complexity thanks to the system mandrel-worktable up to six axes of movement.

Under the supervision of Area Manager long experienced in the aeronautics production, in the manufacturing departments are employed operators highly qualified and specialized in the management of the automatic work centers.

The shop floor is constantly supported by a Production Engineering Department always pushing for the optimization of the job methods and for the research of solutions to the problems raising during the manufacturing processes. This department involve the wok of about 20 engineers with different experience in the aeronautics field and are always updated and aware of the new progresses in the chip removals technique.