O.M.P.M. Jigs&Rigs

OMPM works in the field of aeronautical equipment for automation starting from 1984 providing major Italian and foreign Customers entire assembly lines including CE Certification and training courses on Customer site for their proper use and maintenance. Engineers, technicians and operators are very long experienced in the production of assembly tools, jigs and rigs of different dimension and complexity.

In OMPM 3, there is a very large area available for the Jigs & Rigs Department. This kind of activity plays a very important role, together with the milling, in the core business of the Company. Often designed considering also electrical and pneumatic components allowing the movements needed to a following optimal use by the operators. Among the others is important to mention the realization of:

  • 787 Bolding molds and tools;
  • AW149 Upper deck Assembly Jig;
  • Platforms System for F35 JSF Assembly & Control Final Lines (CP J850-J830)
  • Centre FWD lower Unit A380 fuselage Assembly Jig;
  • Jigs and Rigs for A380 Nacelle;
  • Horizontal Stabilizer C5 Series Bombardier;
  • Jigs and Rigs for EFA Left Wing.