OMPM is a  privately  owned  Italian company founded in 1971  starting from a little factory in Angri, a little town in the northern area of Salerno Province in the south of Italy.

The old facility of OMPM 1 at the time, provided of only two turning machines, focused its business in producing machined parts. It was managed by proud people who strongly believed in their work and especially in the potential of their land.

Year after year the Company has grown, developing in technology, resources and competencies in order to furnish integrated products and services.

Today, when the challenge for the future is based on innovation, OMPM includes all the skills to be able to support its Customers.

New high-tech products require the most advanced technology to reach the challenge of operational cost reduction linked to their sustainability. At the same time, the speed of change within the global market has dramatically increased obliging designers and producers to offer more in shorter time span.